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The NBC is a national group dedicated to making owning and driving a New Beetle even more fun!
We work together with Regional clubs in planing social gatherings and events nation wide.

You will find that New Beetle people are free thinkers that are not afraid to be a little different.
People who own and drive little round cars know how to have fun!

Regardless of our age differences or social standings...we all love that New Beetle!

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The New Beetle Club is in no way associated with Volkswagen of America or it's parent company Volkswagen AG.
The VW emblem and the name New Beetle are trademarks of Volkswagen.
The N.B.C. is simply a group of fans and owners of the New Beetle,
the last thing we want to do is harm Volkswagen in any way


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Central Ohio NBC

East Coast New Beetles

New Beetle Club 


Tennessee Valley 
New Beetle Club

  Great Lakes 
New Beetle Junkies

SNBOC Sacramento Ca

Arizona New Beetle Club

Dallas Fort worth 
New Beetle Club

NBC of Minnesota

 New Bug Carolina's

IBC Indy Beetle Club


Pacific Northwest NBC


Houston New Beetle

New England 
 New Bug Club 

Central Florida 
New Beetle Group

The NBC is here to help you start or grow 
your New Beetle Club.
E Mail  for more info.
Utah New Beetle Club

Gateway New Beetle Club
Saint Louis



DCNBC Washington DC 
   & Mid Atlantic 
   New Beetle Club 


JAN 2003
4th Saturday SoCal NBC
Santa Barbara Tri County Carabug
15th  SoCal NBC Bugs & Balls / Pods & Putters Mini Golf Tournament
 SoCal NBC San Bernardino 
Fun Rally
5th and 6th SoCal NBC 
Palm Springs Weekend
4th Saturday SoCal NBC 
Saugas Car Show
8th VW Classic 
19th-23th Roswell 2k.4 
The Largest Gathering of New Beetles
18 - 20th Bugs in the woods Camp-Out  SoCal NBC 
3rd - 9th SoCal NBC
Carabuggin the Coast Tour 
San Diego to Montarey
OCT 2002

 5th & 6th - Pacific North West NBC PNWNBC's Classic Fall Rally (Weekend At Bernie's V.2)

12th SoCal NBC  Charity Carabug

11th & 13th NBEAST
East Coast Gathering

19th Fishing Pods. 
Tennessee Valley 
New Beetle Club
Tennessee Aquarium

NOV 2002

 16th SoCal NBC
Santa Clarita Mystery Cruise


DEC 2002

 7th VW Vixens/SoCal NBC Beachfest

7th IBC Indy Beetle Club
Festival of Lights and holiday party


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Annual Membership is $30.00 (in the US) and includes the following.

*12 Issues of the"Newbie News" newsletter, filled with information and stories of the New Beetle. Coming events listings, Classified ads, Dealer advertising. and more.* N.B.C. Membership card that entitles the bearer to all the benefits of membership including DISCOUNTSon parts and accessories through our advertisers.*Club T-shirt so you can show your spirit and show the world just what car you drive.
The annual N.B.C. "Mystery" Christmas Gift.(not an expensive item...but fun!)AND, a chance to join an organization filled to the brim with fun-loving New Beetle owners.The club sponsors many events throughout the year as well as attends countless VW events across the nation.

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