The Virtual New Beetle Show

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Frank Perricone's "Bear Jam"

Stylish all white Beetle of Brian Biggs

Carlos Rosado's Cyber Green


Joe Saquing's awesome RSi look-alike

David Budlong's Vortex Blue

Paul Baker's Slippery Silver Beetle

Big Lee's Yellow

Franck Laurent

Pete Stoppani's VR6 4 Motion 98!

Bey Marc from Germany

Stefano Tomassi's Hot Rod TDi

Carlos Soriano's Beetle

The Cox family's Flower Bug

Daughter of Ken Cain (VP VW Trends)

Steven Vena of Illinois

Eric Gideon ~ Poulsbo Washington

Mitch Gurski 

Doug Rojas "Woody"

Francine Burns

John Peat's Beetles

Roger Fransen's Silver Bullet

Garo Yepremian's Vapor

Michele Christian's "HappyCar"

Jay Rasmussen 

James Baird ~ Leechburg PA

Mark Kennedy ~ Louisville KY

Sue Isley's Beautiful CiaoBug

Dale Robertson's White Beetle

Dustin Chapman's "Darth Vapor"

Stefano Tomasi Hot Rod TDi

Rodney Wade's RSM Beetle

Dario Trapani of Italy

Josian Piniero of Puerto Rico

John Dodge's DoodleBug

Low Rider...oh yeah!

Karen Tyler's Hi Ho Silver

Keith Chulick's Beetle
Best in Class at Detroit Autorama!

Wild Drag Racer "Under Construction" by JCL Racing 
"Lets Go Racing!"

David Flynn of London England with his Black Beetle
and a flashy friend.

NBC member Bernt Karlsson's wild "V1 Beetle".

ABD Racing's latest Turbo project car. 

The "Folia-Tec" Beetle 

How about a drop-top? 

Rich Kimball's VW Classic Beetle (a TVA Project Car) 

Ric Golen's New and Old Beetles (What a pair!) 

Dave Anderson's Silver Beetle 

TVA's Project Retro Beetle (not quite finished...but close) 

The trick black Beetle of Robert Lewis 
(talk about a stereo...WHEW!) 

"OK, it's not a New Beetle, but it's still nifty".
 TVA's delivery van 

NBC Member Martin Marino's Screaming Yellow Beetle

NBC Member Herb Marshall with his Alien friends. 

Dave's Wild Citron Yellow New Beetle 
(next to the regular yellow of Jesus Grijalva) 

Cyber Green 99 of Chad Vrchota of Orlando FL

The Odyssey Solutions "Car Phone"
Andre Baard Christian's Wild Silver Beetle from Norway

Sweet Jenni's Yellow Beetle "Mojo"

Kevin Buchanan's awesome 98 Beetle named "Spirit"!

Matt Meyer's sweet 2000 Beetle named "Mateka".

Joey Easterlin's awesome custom Beetle

What the heck? These two were spotted in the VWOA parking lot... photo thanks to William Edwards

Unknown submission by "Wetrabbit" 
(whatever that means) Nice Bug though.

NBC Member Randy Terry's Hot Red Beetle

Eddie Bradshaw's 98 named "Zippy"

Jai Johnston's 98 of Dalton Georgia

Michael Levine's "Rosiebear" Beetle

Jose's Police Bug "Volky"

New Beetle Cup Cars in the pits

Mike Raasch's Custom Beetle

Jeff Maisonett's Machine

"Cady97"s clean silver Beetle

Paul Iozzio's Hot VW's Feature Car

Jeff and Sally Attig's "Burnin Love" Machine


Eddie's Hot Rod Herbie replica


Peter Horvath's Ultra-Custom Beetle

U.K. Plate "K88FER"

Tribal Flames? Too Cool!!

Alien Jim's Beetle

This one's a joke...I hope!

Say What???
Randy Carlson's 98 towing a "barn fresh" 56 

Franck Laurent's Beautiful Beetle

New Beetle Cup Car Interior

New Beetle Cup Car Exterior
Disaster strikes

New and Old Herbie's Face to Face

Herbie and old
Built by TVA


Jonas Deffes's awesome Grey Bug
Joey Butel

Boo Boo

Hot Rod Herbie

G. Hall's Clean Bug

Ahmed Karaze from Florida

Kamei's "Beester"

Hot Rod Beetle in Tokyo

Oh yeah!!

Matthew Callahan's sweet pair "Tessa and Gunter"

The Broome Family Beetles

The Snead Family Beetles

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